Mayor Tom Potter and the Portland Development Commission have unleashed the full power of the city to combat the “down economy” — with a whimper and a thud I present to you: “Helpful Links for a Down Economy“.

I made it to the first set of links, then my eyes glazed over.

Why is it, in the face of the worst economy we’ve seen since Jimmy Carter, our leaders would rather hang-paper than make money saving budgetary decisions?

According 2 a post over @,  “The Republican Party in Oregon is now Officially Dead“.  I couldn’t help but take a 2nd look at such a provocative title, I even went so far as to read almost half the post.

It would seem the fat liberal-fascisti over @ R in the ecstatic throws of an Obamasm.

Glancing off that page, I bounced over 2 a post @ “Why Oregon Republican’s Lost” which seems to indicate that the loss is related to a sort of conservative low tide and concludes, “However suffice it to say that I don’t believe this has been one of those election cycles where Republicans can point fingers and cleansing themselves of bad wood.

Sounds like denial to me — did the author fail to read the voter’s guide?  The Republican Party of Oregon is guilty of electoral malpractice.  We had candidates on the ballot that didn’t even have statements in the voter’s guide.  We had other candidates that looked more like 2nd tier Democrats than 1st tier Republicans.  The fact is this: political parties exist to elect representatives that mirror the constituency — the Republican Party of Oregon failed to mirror the constituency and elect representatives, I’d say we’ve got some “bad wood”.

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